Hello, I’m Arleta a championing former volleyball player, with an avid passion for fitness which evolved into a boxing sphere. My unabated passion for fitness, dance and well-being led me to become a Personal Trainer and Fitness and Nutrition Coach. I developed great skills, experience and expertise in long-lasting weight loss, body re-composition, strength and conditioning training and coaching. I work mainly with women, helping them to get stronger, drop baby weight, alleviate the menopause symptoms and to re-learn to love their bodies. I like to take care of anyone who’s completely new to fitness, beginner in weight training or running, or needs guidance in nutrition, as well as anyone who’s not a stranger to more advanced training drills and nutrition protocols. I’m a dedicated and compassionate change maker infecting everyone with love for healthier lifestyle. Fitness with me is a partnership based on mutual respect and continuous learning, one from another. 

As a 40+ woman I  care a lot about anti-ageing lifestyle and nutrition and strength training. I’v set myself on a mission to share my knowledge and tips with other women, to help them feel great and powerful inside-out. 

Let me help you to shift your focus onto your awesomeness, skills and superpowers, and then, I’ll show you how to use them to become stronger, healthier and happier woman. With my body-positive and empowering programs of habits and lifestyle changes you will transform the way you look, eat, exercise and enjoy your life. 
All you need to kick-start is the real desire for change.
Are you READY, WILING and ABLE? Call me!



I am not a medical health practitioner or mental health provider and I am not holding myself out to be in any capacity. Rather, I serve as coach, trainer, mentor and guide who help you reach your own health and wellness goals.