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  • Customised Progressive Training Plan – 60 – 45 Minute Sessions
  • Personalised macro-nutrients calculation, Meal plan sample, portion and macros tracking system + weekly support.
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Depending on your preferences I deliver the sessions in-person at my home-based personal gym in Brentford, at your own place, outdoors, online, via Zoom or as a self-paced customised program via the app.


Whether you are complete fitness novice or an experienced athlete, I’m willing and ready to share all my experience and expertise with you to help you to take the next step on your fitness or sports career  journey.

With the tons of all the information out there, often conflicting, figuring out what is best for your fitness and health goals and needs can be very tricky. And that’s where your trainer comes in. I’ll take the thinking, figuring out and planning off of your shoulders. I’ll keep you motivated, accountable and on track.  All you need to do is just to show up.

My main objective as your coach is to get to know you, find out what makes you tick and then come up with a training and nutrition plan that will fit in with your schedule, personal preferences, physical abilities and your health and fitness aspirations. Your needs and abilities will determine the structure and type a of the training programme.

With my customised training program and sustainable individualised nutrition plan and support you’ll improve the way you move, perform, feel and look, for good.

If you are an amateur or professional athlete, I’ll align your programs with your sport type and recovery demands, helping you improve your performance, recovery and injury prevention.

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Recruit friends with similar schedule and fitness level and you’re more likely to stay on track for longer.

Training with a friend has a lot of benefits. It keeps you accountable- you’ve got to show up and bring it. It will make you work harder- most likely your competitive streak will come out. You’ll have fun and keep on track.


Sessions can take place at the comfort of your own place, nearby outdoor space or at my headquarters in Brentford.
I can also deliver your training virtually via the state of the art fitness software or live, using Skype or Zoom.


Payment and Cancellation Policy

  • For a single sessions a full payment is required prior the first session, no later than 48 hrs before.
  • I accept a 50% deposit for the 8 sessions packages. Payment must be received no later than 48 hrs before the first session. The payment of the remaining 50% is payable 24 hrs before the 4th session.
  • Payments are non-refundable but transferable. Refund may be approved at the trainer discretion in extreme circumstances only.
  • Invoices are being issued for all the packages, and on request for single sessions.

5 reviews for PT Sessions In-Person

  1. Zainab khan

    Arleta is one of the best trainers I have ever had, she is incredibly patient and is not focused on fast instant results but rather long term and lasting results . She listens to the client and adjusts to their needs and current situation. She has not only helped me physically get stronger but also mentally. I could not recommend Arleta enough! She will go out of her way to do research for you and help you in all aspects of your life; nutrition, sleep, exercise and mindfulness.
    Arleta will be one of the most motivational, inspiring, encouraging and ass-kicking trainers you will ever have!

    • Arleta

      Zainab, thank you very much for your encouraging and motivating feedback. Happy to know you’re finding the support helpful. xx

  2. Sofi Khan

    I have had Arleta now as my PT for nearly a year, she has helped me improve my fitness/health and loose weight. She adapts the workouts according to the individual and has also helped on the nutritional side. Even when I have had gaps in training with Arleta she never fails to stay in touch and always offers encouragement.. Great PT but also a great kind person. I would recommend Arleta 💯!

    • Arleta

      Thank you Sofi very much for your feedback. Your adherence and dedication to the programmes are the main reason of your fitness success. Keep it up girl! 🙂

  3. Sian Gunney

    Arleta is an incredibly skilled and knowledgable personal trainer. Not intimidating and creates a bespoke and agile workout that’s right for you rather than a standard programme. High quality training that gets sculpted results whilst making it feel fun and not a chore. I would highly recommend Arleta!

  4. Christina Canavan Quinn Benson

    My experience with Arleta has surpassed all expectations. From the very beginning she has been both highly professional and personable. She has given me a balanced experience which I continue to enjoy and can’t and don’t want to do without. She listens and observes . She quickly got to know me and individualised all my needs from there. She has educated me on how far I can go and given me the tools to go further and become a fitter , healthier person. This is not just a physical experience. Mentally, through her continuous encouragement and monitoring I have felt motivated to carry on and go further. It is difficult to want to work out and eat well all the time. However with Arleta she empowers you and is understanding of everyday life and needs. She is the most caring human who is also a superhero with the right amount of kick ass to keep you in check! We need more strong, knowledgeable, supportive people like her. A true inspiration.

  5. Rhona

    Arleta is phenomenal. Her classes (whether Zumba, Strength and Stretch, Bands, Body Conditioning or Dance) are superb fun, push you (even online) and they get results. She has kept me sane during lock-down and she is such a ray of sunshine daily.

    Her routines are excellent and she refreshes them constantly which reflects her dedication. She loves what she does – is brilliant at it – and it’s so motivating to be part of her class. She’s funny, kind and I see more of Arleta each week than I do my family (even via Zoom) and she’s a lovely daily addition to my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

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