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From: £40.00

Online workouts.

£39 per month for ProCoach Workout  Program on DD.

£40 1On1PC price shown is per single session for ProCoach users only.



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Offer ends 31st May 2020

Theses programs are perfect for you if you:

▶️want to seriously improve your health, strength and performance.

▶️want to lose weight and get leaner.

▶️ are recovering from injury.

▶️want to keep fit and follow well structured and customised to your needs training program at your own pace at your home or local gym.

▶️ are too busy to go to the gym or don’t like the gym environment to start with.

▶️would like to have an easy to reach-out to a dedicated personal trainer who’ll keep an eye on you, your goals and your progress wherever you are.

▶️are new to fitness.

▶️are not new to fitness but you feel like you’re stuck with your progress.

With my online workouts you’ll get the initial virtual movement and posture assessment and nutrition guide with customised portion size  meal prep ideas, recipes and lifestyle tips for your specific goals and workout load. This is the most affordable and results guaranteed personal training you can find!


  • The training programs are progressive. There a few sessions within one week to chose from, or to follow all of them for maximum results (depending on the type of the program).
  • Each day you’ll get a notification email asking you to check-in and mark whether you did the workout or took the rest day.
  • With each workout session there comes a warm-up suggestion and all the exercises (including mobility warm-up) come with videos and detailed description which you can access from your phone, PC or you can print them out.
  • You can chose the level of difficultly and whether you have access to gym equipment or not.
  • Every 4 weeks there’s a new workout plan phase, which will build on previous one.
  • Every 8 weeks we’ll have a 45mins phone consultation to re-asses your goals and progress and to re-calculate your meal portions.
  • Every 2 weeks you’ll be asked to record and track your progress within the app with girths and photos.
  • You can reach out to me for a specific feedback or advise via the app at any time.
  • You’ll be entitled to a complimentary one on one session every 8 weeks while you’re on the program.
  • Each training program lasts 12 months, as this is how long it takes, on average, to build serious and long-lasting results. However, you can stop the program sooner if you’d wish to, at any time.
  • No commitments. No memberships. 

I take limited number of new online clients every month, so please get in touch to check the availability before booking.



  • Payment needs to be received at least 3 days before the start of each training month, whether it is PAYG or Direct Debit.
  • Payments are non-refundable but transferable.
  • Receipts are being issued for all single or block payments.


1 review for Online Workout Programs

  1. Christina Canavan Quinn Benson (verified owner)

    My experience with Arleta has surpassed all expectations. From the very beginning she has been both highly professional and personable. She has given me a balanced experience which I continue to enjoy and can’t and don’t want to do without. She listens and observes . She quickly got to know me and individualised all my needs from there. She has educated me on how far I can go and given me the tools to go further and become a fitter , healthier person. This is not just a physical experience. Mentally, through her continuous encouragement and monitoring I have felt motivated to carry on and go further. It is difficult to want to work out and eat well all the time. However with Arleta she empowers you and is understanding of everyday life and needs. She is the most caring human who is also a superhero with the right amount of kick ass to keep you in check! We need more strong, knowledgeable, supportive people like her. A true inspiration.

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