Virtual Personal Training

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Virtual Personal Training is an alternative to training in person. It is fun, results-bringing and time & cost effective way to keep fit and healthy when you cannot or don’t want to workout at the gym. You’ll interacted with your trainer via video meeting and will get full benefit of 1 to 1 training session from the comfort of your home.

Training programs are tailored to meet your personal health & fitness abilities, needs and goals, utilising variety of types of training; mobilityflexibilitystrength, endurance and resistance training. They come with personalised nutrition report including Calorie, Macro and Portion Guidemeal ideas as well as healthy food and lifestyle choices guide to aid your training and to amplify your results. 


Minimal equipment like dumbbells and resistant bands are required.


Training sessions are delivered via Skype or  Zoom. Both free to use and accessible from PC, tablet or Phone.




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