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September Workshops


Join us for an enlivening couple of hours of yoga and breathwork, infused with the nourishing plant medicine of cacao, to connect with yourself, your body, and other women.

When women come together, magic can happen!

Do you feel disconnected from yourself as a woman?

Would you love to: Feel more alive?

Connect with your sensuality?

Develop your confidence?

Establish better boundaries and communication with those around you?

The journey of becoming a confident, empowered, sensual woman starts by getting to know one person REALLY well. Guess who that is? Yep, it’s you!

Here’s what to expect: A delicious mixture of free movement and yoga Open conversations.Tools for better understanding what truly makes you feel alive and sensual. Breathwork. Self-reflection.

In this workshop, we will begin the journey of understanding who we are as women, what feels good in our bodies, and what makes us feel alive, free, and vibrant.

Course Details:

  • Date: 17/09/2023
  • Time: 9.30am -11.30am
  • Location: AOT Studio Gym, Duke of London, Catherine Wheel Rd, Brentford TW8 8BD
  • Prices: £25.95 Early Bird until 8th September, £30 after 15th Sep and on the day (subject to availibility)
  • Coach:  Sophie Cleere, Yoga Instructor, certified Coach and Integrative Therapist.

Sophie runs Womens retreats both in the UK and Ibiza. Click here to find out more.

About Sophie;

 Sophie is a midlife woman who is passionate about helping women come closer to themselves, to feel more alive, vital, and free—whether that’s through movement and embodied practices, journaling, or helping women explore more of themselves by trying something they never thought they could or would.

She began teaching yoga in 2009 and has been totally unemployable since then. Her passions in life are staying curious and open to new experiences.


You should understand that when participating in any exercise program or fitness class, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you signup and engage in this exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge ArletaOnTrack from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of ArletaOnTrack.

12 reviews for Workshops & Events

  1. NikisZumba

    Wow! What can I say? As a regular zumba instructor, recent Strong by Zumba devotee & future SBZ instructor, I was blown away! Arleta was a wonderful encouraging motivator to a full to capacity class of smiling happy sweaty lunatics who couldn’t help but to give it all they had plus a bit more that Arleta cleverly extracted with her infectious enthusiasm.

    I was working with an injury and Arleta gave some very specific modifications to me personally which even I as a teacher had clearly not even considered. Clear, concise cueing meant that the whole class was moving as one, keeping up, rejoicing in the amazing energy, feeling successful and getting one of the best workouts out there.

    I am on Arleta’s social media and I suggest you do the same!

    Thanks for the pop up class – what a superb idea! xx

  2. Catherine Olavere

    Strong by Zumba @ Gymbox Westfield held last Sunday 29 of January 2017- hosted by Arleta Wa: That was a high energy work out and I find it a little bit intense but as you keep going its definetly fun thing to do that kind of work out. Full sweats all the time and the energy level is getting higher and higher and I loved it that way. After that Strong by Zumba I feel that I needed to do more coz that’s kind of work out that I never had before so I can’t wait for the next one😉 💪💪💪 so guys if you haven’t done this kind of Zumba workout look for Arleta 😍😉💪

  3. Gemma C (verified owner)

    I went to the recent Strong by Zumba class @Gymbox Westfield last Sunday.

    Arleta helpfully explained what we were doing as it was broken down into four parts and she was absolutely amazing at motivating everyone regardless of what level you are you can do this class

    I can’t wait for the next class to be arranged as I won’t have to second guess on booking asap! Thanks Arleta.

  4. Diana

    One of the best Zumba teachers I have encountered. Her classes fill everyone with energy and make us feel good about ourselves. Her smile is infectious and she makes great routines. Plus, she incorporates dancing and aerobics, which are really a great mix with Zumba. Love her!

    • Arleta

      Diana, thank you so much for the comment. Love your attitude and beautiful smile you bring every time with your to the class. These are the essentials thanks to which every instructor can deliver better class or workout and keep on improving and growing. Thank you 🙂 xxx

  5. Simona

    Arleta is such a professional in teaching technique, personal attitude towards you, and her personality of course is amazing. I have been attending Strong by Zumba classes with her on weekly basis and under her supervision, hard training and persistence I can see real results. My body got shape, strength and I strengthen my core what I appreciate the most. I can highly recommend Arleta as a trainer and class instructor because she is just so dedicated towards fitness and healthy lifestyle and you get the best professional advises together with brilliant attitude and aproach.
    All the best !

    • Arleta

      Thank you very much Simona for your comment. I’m so happy to hear you see the results, but remember that it happens mostly thanks to your hard work and dedication in and outside of the class. Keep it up girl and let’s stay on track 😉 xx

  6. Eden

    Arleta,you’re simply the best.I’m really grateful that I meet you and be part of your STRONGbyZumba class.The way you teach Us is amazing,your energy and your smile flow to the class.I love your FORM and the way you execute the workout is a BOMB.I’ll definitely recommend your class.Thank you Arleta😘😘💪🏾💪🏾

  7. Eden

    Arleta,you’re simply the BEST.I’m so grateful that I meet you and be part of your class of STRONGbyZumba.Your energy,smile and positive vibes over flow inside the class.I love your form and the way you execute the workout it’s a BOMB.As soon as the music starts there’s no turning back😂😁
    Thank you Arleta,I’ll definitely recommend your class😘😘💪🏾💪🏾

    • Arleta

      Thank you very much for your kind comment Eden. See you around and and let’s keep on pushing the limits 😉

  8. Ernest

    She is Awesome! it is very easy to connect with her because of her great personality, creating a very nice atmosphere with a lot of people that she attracts for her personality and the quality of her classes, especially in Zumba, great movements , great choreographies, great Latin,English rhythms among others. They really are classes not to be miss . Duro mami 💪🏽

    • Arleta

      Thank you Ernesto for your feedback. I’m so happy to see you’re enjoying the classes and the vibe. It is very valuable to me and I’m going to keep on putting more efforts into the quality and the fun aspects of the sessions 🙂

  9. Ernesto

    Arleta is very cool, it is very easy to connect with her because of her great personality. She creates a very pleasant atmosphere during her classes and they really are top quality. In her Zumba classes she has great choreographies and great Latin and English rhythms. They really are classes that you don’t want to miss and I would definitely recommend them.
    Thank you Arleta!

  10. Camila

    It was an amazing time, amazing experience by video-call. I enjoyed it a lot doing all the work we did, also the music. The video was very clearly and the audio also was perfect.Very helpful to loss some wait as we sweat a lot doing the dance. Thank you for your time Arleta . Such an amazing time dancing

  11. Giulia (verified owner)

    Arleta’s classes are fun, intense, motivating, inspiring. Her energy is contagious. Zumba classes are sassy and energetic, they really gave me confidence and make me feel sexy for an hour 🙂 thank you Arleta!

  12. Vanesa Campillo (verified owner)

    I have known Arleta through classes at our office gym, and we were all so gutted when it was shut down at the beginning on the lockdown. Through the power of social media I reconnected with Arleta via her Instagram and Facebook pages back in late March and have since been doing as many of her online classes every week. And almost at the end of what it has been a year like no other, I must say that having continued with Arleta’s online classes, has truly helped me maintain a great level of fitness, and overall wellbeing. At least for an hour every day, you forget about what goes on and immerse into something joyful! Although we are all distanced, Arleta is such a warm and energetic person that you feel she is right there with you. During the class and after classes as well, for chats, advice and a good cheer. I could not recommend her highly enough – she puts so much in everything she does that you can really feel it. Arleta, finding you this year has been one of the few positives of 2020 and I hope that can continue for much much longer! You are truly exceptional and I hope more people can benefit from the amazing work you do for wellbeing and mindfulness. You are truly inspirational 🙂 One of a kind xxx

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