Do you struggle with extra weight and feel unhealthy?

You have no energy to do what you really want?

You are a new mum and not sure how to take care of your post- baby body?

Sleeping too little, too busy, too tired and feeling like you are in a health crisis?

Tried to do something about it too many times with no success and now want to give up?

If your answer is YES to at last one of the above questions, then possibly you might need my help. If your answer is YES to at least a couple of the above questions including the last one, then you definitely could do with my help 😉

First of all let me assure you, non of it it’s your fault and you are not alone. Let me also assure you, You don’t need yet another restrictive fad diet, calorie maths or fitness regime you hate to get you back on track. You just need someone who’ll listen and then guide you through all the confusing information out there. Someone who will help you to find and embrace your strengths, overcome weaknesses, find the joy of eating again (and maybe exercising 😉 and to love your body again. You’ll lose weight and regain your health and energy in the process.

As a nutrition and fitness coach I’m helping other people eat, move, and live better.

Send me an email today and we’ll start right away the search of your very own new track to better health and wellbeing.

Nutrition face to face coaching sessions can take place at the comfort of your own home or at any other quiet location of your choice (subject to the distance range) or in a consultation room in Chiswick. We can also meet via Skype.

Make the first simple, no-obligations step. Ask me for a FREE food diary evaluation 🙂

One hour consultation, including health screening, goals assessment, eating and lifestyle advice = £65.00

Nutrition Coaching packages available depending on individual goals and circumstances. Get in touch for a quote.