Nutrition Coaching

14 days. One habit. Zero foods are off-limits. You in?


Make serious progress toward your weight-loss goals… WITHOUT changing anything about what you’re eating?

It’s absolutely free and could blow your mind! 



Personal Nutrition + Customised Workout Programme Bundle❗
Was £99
➡️NOW £45 ⬅️per month

✅Behaviour-change based nutrition.
✅Daily online support and accountability.
✅Meal ideas and recipes.
✅Customised workout programme to follow at home, gym or … beach with daily videos and guidance.
✅24h access to your dedicated coach (ME) 🙂
✅Easy to use personalised and exclusive to my clients only app, which you can access on your phone or PC anytime and anywhere.
❌No restrictive diets and deprivation.
❌No calorie counting.
❌No foods off limits.
❌No more excuses.

Make Today an excuse to start the lasting change you always wanted, not an excuse to go off track. Call me right away!

More info about the program –> PERSONAL NUTRITION

No commitments. Money back guarantee.

We all strive for a healthy and happy lives. And we all have our unique ways of achieving it. Sometimes however, things get out of hand. It can be very difficult to figure out how to get things back on track. Especially as we grow older, and our bodies start to change. We try different ways to cope, often drastic ones,  which often make things worse. We become tired, frustrated, unhappy, fatigued, even depressed. Weight seem to be going up and up, sleep gets worse, the body seem to be having the mind of its own, and all the stress is not helping either.

Sounds familiar? Well, first of all you need to know- you’re not alone, second – there is a way out, and it’s easier than you might think.

When it comes to women’s health and fitness I know it very well. I live and breath the stuff and I’ve spent last fifteen years researching, learning, studying and discovering best possible ways of keeping my health and weight in check… effortlessly.

Let me share my experience and knowledge with you. You don’t need yet another gimmicks diet, calorie maths or fitness regime you hate. Learn how to reset your habits, tune in to your body and start really enjoying yourself…for real, and for good.

Contact me today and get the change rolling.

Change the way you eat, exercise and enjoy life for good. No more yo-yo roller-coaster.

Make that first step. Call me for a complementary 45min phone consultation and let the magic happen!