Hi, I’m Arleta a championing former volleyball player, with an avid passion for fitness which evolved into a boxing sphere. Fitness with me is transmutable skills, which allow me to deepen and explore boundaries in nutrition, coaching, fitness and sports. Meaning one thing. I mirror what I teach. Not just preach.

Is your objective to once and for all, turn around your life with health and fitness as your best friend? Or to rediscover your unique magnificence, by surpassing that stubborn baby weight or that “tomorrow I will do it” mind-set? Then no need to look any further. With more than a decade of expertise and education and experience in the field, you know you are in good hands. 

As a 40+ woman, qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Fitness Instructor, specialising in anti-ageing lifestyle and nutrition, strength training and weight loss, I’v set myself on a mission to help other women, whatever the age and circumstances to get what they want and what they deserve.
Let me help you to shift your focus onto your awesomeness, skills and superpowers, and then, I’ll show you how to use them to become stronger, healthier and happier woman, and to get what you want. With my body-positive and empowering programs of habits and lifestyle changes you will transform the way you look, eat, exercise and enjoy your life. 
All you need to kick-start is the real desire for change.
Are you READY, WILING and ABLE? Call me!