arleta-001Hi 🙂 I’m Arleta, a former volleyball player with unabated passion for fitness, dance and well-being. My divers fitness and nutrition qualifications and certificates, experience in martial arts training; like capoeira and boxing, muscle hypertrophy training, and dance, helped me to develop great skills and expertise in body toning and conditioning, reshaping, strengthening, and sustainable weight loss.

I had the privilege and honour to work with and train under the supervision of one of the best coaches and trainers in different areas of sport and fitness, including one of the best pro-boxing coaches in UK.

In our sessions together, I focus on your awesomeness, skills and abilities and help to bring them out, embrace, enhance and develop them. We’ll clarify your needs and set realistic goals. The results are real and sustainable. One-on-one training sessions consist of the variety of  different type of  protocols and workouts that incorporate functional and HIIT training elements, strength and flexibility training, conditioning and more. Nutritional and lifestyle advice and support are vital part of the programs. We work as a team.”

Depending on your individual needs and lifestyle, training can take place at your home, in the local park, workplace in South West London area or at the private fitness studio in Chiswick, West London.

With my support you will transform the way you eat, work-out and the way you feel. I will help motivate you to get the results you want and feel energised and excited. All you need to kick-start or get your awesome life back is the real desire for change, I’ll then help you to get and stay on track!”